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I believe that art is a way of connecting and creating solidarity and understanding. I am very interested in creating within frameworks that have social values or combine different fields of art. Over the years, I published a children's book with my illustrations, I curated the exhibition "Location-Home" in the framework of the Biennale of Art, Umm el-Fahem Art Gallery and consulted regarding art projects and exhibitions. (read more about these projects here).

I am happy to share two of my recent projects:
"Women in Red" - an exhibition that was formed from a one year workshop in which eleven women, Sderot municipality's employees, has participated. The exhibition produced by 
Sderot Traumatic Stress Center "Hosen", Sderot Municipality and Cinema South Festival. The combination of these bodies created an extraordinary exhibition presented staged photographs of the women inspired by their own stories. Concurrently, the exhibition featured monologues in which these woman tell their personal stories regarding femininity and war. The project was created together with Oshri Hayoun, Tami Luria and Curator Dr. Orna Orian. (watch here)

The second project is a set of photographs taken for the music video of a new song by musician Nir Poplicker.
The Video clip  portrays the daily life of a young family, delicate and small moments, short scenes of connections  and disconnects, being together and alone. It was edited from still ,photographs, video, and stop motion. Written, Directed and Edited by Shirylee Price. Actors: Noam Zippori, Jonathan Ron and Maya Tankel Pe'er


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